Few Things are Truly Urgent

This is a serious admission for me. An anxious sense of urgency is woven into the fabric of my soul. I can’t help it. I am the most punctual man you know, guaranteed… like a Swiss train over here. Maybe that’s because I was born and raised on the East Coast, or because I’ve worked in the deadline-driven world of media, or it’s just in my DNA. I don’t know why, but I always have my eye on the clock. I’m great at it.

Yet I have come to learn this is not one of my endearing qualities. In fact, it makes a lot of people feel like crap. Turns out that no one is really impressed by the guy at the door tapping his foot, who managed to get ready 10 minutes early. That asshole (ahem, me) just makes most people feel slow or inferior. And in professional life, the “reward” for beating deadlines by a wide margin is usually just more work — probably the work of the folks that are taking their sweet time. (Bums.)

I’ve managed to temper this well-intentioned state of mind by asking myself if whatever I’m rushing towards is truly urgent, and the answer is almost always no. Few things in life are, in spite of so much evidence to the contrary. What is the true consequence of being 15 minutes behind schedule? Life or death? Terrific financial loss? Great personal insult? Usually not. But lots of us are always in a rush anyway. Something about driving a car makes this 10 times worse. If everyone who tailgates slow drivers was experiencing an actual instance of exigency, we’d be living in a world far too urgent to bear.

Still, though there is little sense in rushing, not everyone can handle chronic lateness, and it’s important to be sympathetic to that need. Also, there is a point when one is so late that they have graduated from just being a little rude or absent minded to being full-blown presumptuous. By making someone wait too long, you have presumed that your time has greater value than theirs, which is a real slap. I can’t really say how long that is… suppose it’s different for everyone. But there’s no missing it when it happens, and I can think of very few instances in life when being too early would be an equivalent insult.

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© 2012, Ian Mathias