Religion… Meh

If one day we somehow prove that God is real, I’ll bet you an ice cream cone that the Holy One isn’t half as crazy and dangerous as the bulk of his/her/its followers. Millions of people have been killed in the name of one deity or another, and many of them suffered horribly for no reason other than the fact that the guy with the bigger sword believed a different unprovable dogma than the guy with the smaller sword. Millions more have been persecuted, displaced, ostracized, or just made to feel inferior over similar beliefs that just cannot be proven right or wrong. It’s sad, and has greatly tainted religion for me.

It’s also pretty sad that the same people who will literally pray for a football team or for some absurd senator have no real desire, and even less conviction, to feed the hungry and protect the poor. Isn’t that the bedrock of basically every religion? I can’t imagine how amazing America would be if the anti-gay marriage and pro-life lobbies devoted even half of their fury towards eradicating poverty. Regardless, if there is a benevolent being out there, I promise you God doesn’t give a shit about sports or politics. Surely, if gods exist, they have larger issues of concern.

Here’s the catch: Atheists, if you didn’t have such great senses of humor, you’d be almost just as ridiculous. Yes, as noted already, traditionally religious people do horrible, archaic things in the name of their gods. But it’s pretty looney tunes to mock the religious for believing so adamantly in something that can’t be proven, only to turn around and preach another unprovable belief system of your own. There’s not a shred of proof that there isn’t a God, either, and there are still a myriad of natural wonders science isn’t even close to explaining. In some ways, atheism is a leap of faith in its own right… that science will one day give us all the answers and offer salvation from this cruel and mysterious life. Sounds a lot like church on Sunday.

So I know that being agnostic is this really lame, fence-sitting kind of affiliation. But c’mon, it’s the right call… you don’t know what’s going on anymore than me, and to act like you do and then impose a totally unfounded belief on someone else is pretty rude, to say the least. Admit it, stop making such a fuss about religion, and just do your best to be kind. Any God worth worshiping would be cool with that. If there’s no God, at least you won’t be an asshole.

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© 2012, Ian Mathias