Sex Is Awesome and Important

I’m not kidding. Sex is imperative.

Be honest: are you a little uncomfortable talking about this? If you grew up in America, there’s a good chance you are. There’s something really backwards about the way we handle sexuality in the States. Sex is one of the last whispered words left in the American lexicon. On any given night on public TV I can watch an actor get shot in the head — see the gunshot wound suddenly burst from his forehead and watch him fall to the floor, blood and brain matter pooling around his carcass. But even one female nipple, even a really non-sexual one, must be reserved for premium cable, and usually not before a certain hour.

I have to think that, one day, we’ll look back and scratch our heads over why our society has deemed a flash of pubic hair vastly more offensive than graphically recounting the horrors of war. Which is more a part of the everyday human experience? Which is more harmful to both society and the individual? The answers are obvious, but no one really wants to crack open that egg.

Anyway, can we at least agree that sex is wonderful? That’s one of very few great universal truths in this harsh world. Sex is certainly not harmless, but it’s usually only that way if you’re too young or doing it wrong. Under healthy circumstances, it’s not just incredibly fun and interesting, but sex is also a serious personal expression of attraction and trust. Both those attributes are linchpins of a lasting relationship, and sex is the most enjoyable way to keep them in place.

Bottom line: Sex is one of the very few sure-fire paths to feeling happy and alive, if only for an instant. Be safe, let go, and enjoy it while you’re still good at it.

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© 2012, Ian Mathias